My Work

My latest collection is the chapbook Mudança, released in April 2019 by Dos Madres Press. A poem from this collection, “Nanners,” was featured on E-Verse for Mother’s Day. 

Bruce Magee and Stephen Payne graciously hosted me on the Louisiana Anthology Podcast earlier this year. This interview gives a lot of context and insight about the world of the poems in my collection. Click here to listen. 

Bruce and Stephen have also kindly put together a selection of my poems which can be found here. 

My first collection of poems, Lord’s Own Anointed, was published in December, 2015 by Dos Madres Press. It features drawings by my friend Rob Fairburn. 

The first link above will take you to the site of my publisher. You can order the book directly from them, or Small Press Distribution.  And, of course, there’s always these guys. (Though I encourage you to order it through your local independent book store.)

The good folks over at E-Verse Radio — Ernest Hilbert and Luke Stromberg, to be precise–have graciously featured a number of poems from Lord’s Own Anointed on their blog. 

Recent work appears at The Courtship of Winds, Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel, and The Hudson Review.

Check out this reading I gave on July 14, 2015, at Marliave in Boston as part of the U35 reading series hosted by Mass Poetry.

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